10 Great IT Scholarships

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job opportunities for IT professionals are expected to grow by over 10 percent by the year 2024. A rise in 10 percent over the next decade would equate to nearly 500,000 new IT jobs being created by 2030.

Now is a more opportune time than ever for undergraduates and graduates who aspire to be IT professionals to seek out financial aid. The following are 10 great IT scholarships offered to those with the qualifications and drive to attain them.

1. AACE International Competitive Scholarships

The AACE International program is aimed at all students in American, Canadian, and international academic programs for engineering and cost management. The AACE grants its awards on both an individual and lifetime basis, with the maximum award size being $2,500. The AACE may also assist applicants by matching them to scholarships based on available funds. Depending on the circumstances, matched funds might be granted along with whatever funds are awarded through the competitive scholarship application.

2. The CyberCorps Scholarship For Service Program (SFS)

Federal information assurance professionals can receive assistance through the CyberCorps Scholarship for Service Program (SFS). The SFS works to provide additional momentum to those with ambitions to provide service related to governmental information infrastructure; this is accomplished by funding the costs of tuition and educational material fees. In order to qualify for the award, applicants must be actively involved in a participating college or university on a full-time basis. Qualifying undergraduate applicants will receive a stipend of $22,500, and graduate students will receive a stipend of $34,000. Both undergraduate and graduate students are awarded their grants through the National Science Foundation (NSF).

3. EDSF Board of Directors Scholarship

The EDSF Board of Directors Scholarship is offered to students with an interest in document management and graphic communications. After putting up an application for the Document Management and Graphic Communications Industry Scholarships, applicants will be put in the running for an EDSF scholarship. Multiple awards are available, and the final award amount may be anywhere between $1000 and $5000.

4. Betty Stevens Frecknall Scholarship

The Betty Stevens Frecknall Scholarship is aimed at furthering the progress of aspiring professionals in the computing fields. To be deemed eligible for the scholarship, the applicant needs to be an active member of the AITP, majoring in IT, MIS, CIS or computer science. The minimum GPA for qualified applicants is 3.0. Student applicants need to have finished at least one semester of college, equaling 12 hours, and enrolled as a full-time undergraduate at a qualifying American institution.

5. The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship

The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship is offered through the Women Techmakers Scholars Program. The program was founded with the intention of realizing the goal of Dr. Anita Borg to galvanize more female involvement in computer science and technology fields. Ideally, the program can assist women who aspire to become stronger leaders and innovators in information technology. There are three components to the scholarship program: community involvement, professional retreats, and the the financial award itself.

6. IBM Corporation Scholarship

The IBM Corporation Scholarship is offered by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) to qualifying female juniors and sophomores in accredited institutions. In order to qualify for the the award, potential applicants must have a GPA of at least 3.4 and be actively involved in the study of computer engineering, computer engineering technology, computer science, electrical engineering, and electrical engineering technology. There are five awards given on an annual basis, and the average award amount is $1000.

7. IEEE President’s Scholarship

The IEEE President’s Scholarship awards students who exhibit a significant level of ambition and potential in computer science, engineering, electronics, and other related fields. On an annual basis, the scholarship provides over $10,000 in financial assistance to support more than four years of undergraduate education. In addition to the scholarship’s award, approved applicants also receive an engraved plaque and are recognized as IEEE student members.

8. Microsoft Tuition Scholarships

Microsoft conference and tuition scholarships are awarded to students who show promise in their goals of involvement in STEM and computer science-focused fields. In order to approved for the scholarship, ideal applicants must demonstrated not only academic aptitude, but also a legitimate passion for the technological field and a commitment to making strides of progress for the industry as a whole. Applicants with qualifying majors must be actively enrolled in a four-year bachelors program at accredited institutions on a full-time basis, located in the United States, Canada or Mexico.

9. Wayne V. Black Scholarship

The Wayne V. Black Scholarship as established in the year 2006 by the Board of Directors of the Energy Telecommunications & Electrical Association (ENTELEC). The scholarship is aimed at improving the educational and networking prospects for ambitious energy professionals. The scholarship is an extension of ENTELEC’s focus on enhancing the the quality of educational programming for all different tiers in the field of energy telecommunications.

10. Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship

The Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship awards anywhere between $1000 and $10,000 to minority applicants who are enrolled in a technical degree program on a full-time basis. The scholarship is offered to applicants of Hispanic, Native American, Pacific Island, Asian, Native Alaskan, and African American descent. Applicants must submit their cumulative GPA (freshmen must submit their high school GPA), an email address of their institution’s main financial aid contact, and their resume.

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Today’s job market has a greater demand for computer and information technology professionals than ever. If you’re looking for assistance in furthering your career in the field, then the above scholarships are just a sample of all the opportunities there are to get additional leverage.