Top 5 Companies for Information Technology Professionals

You’ve graduated from a prestigious college with a background in computers and want to land the perfect job. Here are some of the best companies for IT pros based on employee reviews.

1) Genentech

You have probably heard that careers in the healthcare field are always going to be in high demand. Since people will always age and get sick, that’s a mostly true statement. In the IT industry, biotechnology is all the rage. As time goes by, medical technologies become increasingly more beneficial and complex. It is necessary for IT professionals to design and test these new technologies so that hospitals have the tools they need to serve patients effectively and efficiently.

Genentech Inc. is a biotechnology company based out of San Francisco, California. Employees of Genentech believe that one of the best reasons for working there is the great passion that everybody has for improving the lives of those who are ill. Everyone seems to get along so well at Genentech, and the company even allots two days out of the work year for off-site bonding activities. Workers get to see the differences that they have made in the lives of others as patients who have been saved by their technologies come in to meet their saviors on occasion. In addition to being paid handsomely for their contributions to preserving human life, employees are able to benefit monthly from a variety of personal development programs. These programs teach workers how to become better listeners, critical thinkers, and leaders.

To be considered for a position at Genentech, a bachelor’s degree in computer science, electrical or computer engineering, information systems, or biomedical engineering are generally required. Expertise and prior experience in IT is highly recommended.

2) Verizon Wireless

As one of the leading cell phone technology and service providers in world, there are no shortages of jobs at Verizon. Employees gain great pride from knowing that they help make people’s daily lives just that much easier. From keeping in touch with loved ones to being able to handle your business from your mobile device, there are unlimited benefits to having a great wireless phone service.

Employees of Verizon enjoy excellent, in-depth training. This allows them to perform well on the job and while under stress. All new employees are awarded with $8000 in annual tuition assistance and additional online training under experienced instructors. The benefits don’t just stop there. Comprehensive medical, dental, and life coverage, and a flexible spending account are all available to those holding IT jobs with Verizon. Outstanding performers are awarded gift certificates for up to $1000 to their favorites restaurants, clothiers, and more.

Possession of a degree in an IT-related field is highly recommended. Those with previous experience with a cellular provider may have an edge.


This financial services company is one of the most desired companies to work for in the IT industry. In addition to a comfortable work environment, excellent pay, and great benefits, workers find pride in being part of a tradition of top-notch customer service and groundbreaking innovation.

Among the amazing perks of the job are access to multiple modern gyms, annual bonuses worth nearly 20% of your salary, $10,000 in yearly tuition aid, and 24 days of vacation after one year on the job. In return for designing and implementing many computerized financial applications, USAA employees are treated like kings and queens.

For such highly desirable positions, employers will look for IT degrees from top universities and several years of applicable experience.

4) General Mills

General Mills IT professionals may be involved in software development, database management, security, and more. This popular producer of cereals and other health foods is known to give employees great flexibility in scheduling. Telecommunication, flexible hours, job sharing, and part-time and weekend schedules are just some of the options that make working for General Mills so enjoyable. The company also implements a fair promotions system that is based on how much work you put in.

Like many other IT jobs, a four-year degree in an IT-related field is required for consideration.

5) Securian Financial Group

Employing programmers and many other IT professionals, Securian Financial Group is praised for challenging employees to diversify their skill sets so they can perform a wide variety of functions and get quicker promotions. Employees also love the high-tech work environment. The salary is good, and benefits will be plentiful for job applicants with vast computer knowledge and a strong IT background.