How Much Does a Database Administrator Make?

Database AdministratorAlthough it is never recommended that you choose a profession solely based on salary potential, it is important that you have an idea on how much does a database administrator make before deciding this is the right career fit for you. Often referred to as DBAs, database administrators are responsible for using specialized software to store, organize, and secure a business’ data. Database administrators spend their workdays creating databases, meeting user needs, testing modifications, updating permissions, merging old databases, restoring data to prevent data loss, securing data from unauthorized access, and maintaining optimal performance without error. In order to determine if this position will fulfill your monetary needs, the following is an in-depth report on how much database administrators make.

Mean Annual Salary for Database Administrators

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are currently 114,910 database administrators employed throughout the United States who are coordinating changes to computer databases. Based on data released in May 2013, the average annual salary for database administrators is $80,740, which is equivalent to a mean hourly wage of $38.82. With a median wage of $78,520, the bottom 10% in the field made $43,720 each year, but the top 10% of database administrators brought home an average whopping six-figure salary of $120,990 annually. Although almost all database administrators are employed on a full-time schedule, it is important to note that around 25% worked more than a typical 40-hour week to achieve these salaries.

Average Salary Based on Work Environment

As you might expect, there is a significant difference in how much database administrators make based on where they have gained employment. With the highest concentration of database administrators, the data processing industry provides an annual mean wage of $85,240 and the computer systems design industry offers a slightly higher salary of $87,240 per year. The top-paying industries for database administrators are chemical product manufacturing and securities and commodity contracts, where they earn an annual average salary of $99,160 and $96,980 respectively. On the other hand, the lowest paying industries are universities and investment funds, where database administrators make $69,200 and $79,500 on average.

Yearly Wages According to Geographic Location

Based on data provided in May 2013, the states with the highest employment level of database administrators were not surprisingly California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Virginia. Despite the fact that the highest concentration was located in these states, the top-paying states for database administrators are New Jersey and Colorado with mean yearly wages of $97,360 and $91,980 correspondingly. Average annual salaries for database administrators can also vary greatly depending on the metropolitan area in which they find employment. For instance, the highest paying metropolitan areas are currently San Francisco, Boulder, and San Jose with average yearly salaries of $104,230, $101,620, and $101,500 respectively.

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Since database administrator has been ranked as the 5th best technology job by the U.S. News and World Report with promising job prospects, it is not shocking that there is the possibility of earning a very sizeable salary in lucrative work environments. In order to realize how much does a database administrator make, you will likely need to earn a bachelor’s degree in information technology or another computer-related major as well as obtain extensive work experience in the field to build the strong analytical skills needed to monitor databases.