How Much Does a Video Game Designer Make?

Video Game DesignerIf you are interested in becoming a game designer, you are probably wondering how much a video game designer makes. As with any career that requires specific skills or training, it is very important to learn about your earning potential before you spend your time and money studying video game design. When you enter the world of video game design, where the competition is fierce and the demand is high, you should expect the salary ranges to vary dramatically. Here is your guide to understanding video game design salaries and how you can increase your earning potential.

Average Salaries in Video Game Design

One of the first figures you should learn about is the average salary. When reporting an average salary both the lowest and the highest salaries are added together and averaged to determine how much people with the title earn yearly. It is important to consider both the average salary and the ranges to truly understand earning potentially. Based on data that has been collected over the years, the current average salary in video game design is $71,000 per year. This includes professionals who are new to the field and those who have 20 or more years of experience. This is why salary ranges in video game design fall between $42,000 and $87,000 per year. Hourly earners can expect to earn between $10.75 and $28.90 per hour based on experience and employer, according to Game Testing Paradise.

How Much Does Experience Matter in Game Design?

The video game industry is a huge one where there is a high demand for new and highly experienced designers to develop and perfect products. How much you are offered to take on a specific position will first depend on your experience. Most employers are now looking for professionals who have graduated from a degree program. If you are a graduate, you may be able to add the years you spent in school to your years of experience. Early in your career, you may earn around $42,000 per year, but this will rise to about $60,000 when you have four years of experience. Those with 15 to 19 years of experience report earning around $85,534.

What Other Benefits and Incentives Are Offered to Game Designers?

Most people only consider hourly rates and salaries when researching pay, but it is important to consider the entire compensation package. You want to work for a company that takes care of their employees by offering more than just competitive pay. In addition to pay, you should look for companies that offer employees bonuses, profit sharing and even commissions. Consider how much your medical insurance benefits are worth, and be sure to ask the company about their tuition reimbursement policies. Average salaries go up by as much as $28,000 when there are good compensation packages.

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Your salary can also be very dependent on the region in which you work. If you are working in a region where popular video games are located, you can expect to earn higher salaries than those in rural areas where there are not many employment options. Be sure to compare actual salaries reported in your answer to get a more detailed answer to the question “How much does a video game designer make?”.