What Careers are Available in Business Intelligence?

Business IntelligenceThe actions related to gathering, analyzing and creating reports from data that support evidence based decision making is known as business intelligence, and the types and quantity of careers available in business intelligence are expected to increase according to labor analysts. Legitimate businesses have always produced a great deal of data, but the technical tools that are now available during the information age have enabled companies to use data more effectively and efficiently for strategic planning. Both the processes used to harness this powerful asset as well as the technological tools that make analysis of large amounts of data viable contribute to the career field of business intelligence. Here are some examples of business intelligence jobs that are found throughout many industries.

Business Intelligence Analyst

The analyst role is likely the most recognized one within the business intelligence community. Business intelligence analysts identify, organize, and evaluate company and industry data sets to determine trends, opportunities and risks for their organizations. The outcomes of their work can result in more efficient work processes, production of goods and services that are considered to be of higher value to consumers and improved levels of customer care. Business intelligence analysts are also known as market research analysts and management analysts, and these professionals earned median salaries of $80,880 in 2014 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Business Intelligence Consultant

While business intelligence is not solely dependent on expensive software and database systems, these tools help to make the jobs of business intelligence analysts easier. In fact, most organizations produce so much data of all types that manual calculations or those done via antiquated applications are often inadequate for the tasks required of business intelligence analysts. Business intelligence consultants assess organizations’ data systems and identify gaps in efficiency. Better quality informational reports that are produced quicker are some of the results of their work. The industry in which they are employed and the types of systems for which they have expertise are key factors that determine the average salaries of business intelligence consultants. For example, Systems Applications Products or SAP Business Intelligence consultants earn annual salaries of about $88,000 on average, and those who work in the healthcare industry are known to make above average salaries.

Business Intelligence Project Manager

After business intelligence consultants identify efficiency gaps in data systems, senior leaders often invite BI project managers to produce data system solutions that best address their organization’s informational needs. These projects are somewhat different from standard software development projects because of the broader range of stakeholders who are often affected by proposed solutions. Besides organizational and leadership skills that are characteristic of most project managers, business intelligence project managers must have knowledge of the latest business intelligence tools as well as their organizations’ current technical architectures to be successful, according to Information Management. It is the norm for business intelligence project managers to earn six figure salaries.

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Businesses no longer rely on the speculative hunches of their managers when it comes to decision making; executive officers are accountable to company boards of directors and shareholders to back up strategic decisions with factual information. However, they cannot obtain that level of information from the massive amounts of data that is available to them by simply purchasing the latest business intelligence software product. Companies need the skills of trained professionals to conduct business intelligence activities, and those who have chosen careers available in business intelligence have access to plenty of great paying job opportunities.