What Do Software Developers Do?

The technology field is very complex and software is an essential part needed for many aspects. Computers and other related devices typically need software to function at optimal levels. A variety of individuals have an interest in a career in software development to create programs to advance technology and help individuals and entities function at higher levels and perform innovative duties. A common question asked is what does a software developer do? Software developers are often referred to as the creative minds behind the scenes of computer programs.

Oversee Software Development Process

Software developers are typically responsive for supervising the process of software development from the design to the finished product. They are involved in every stage from beginning to end. The main steps in the process involve identification of requirements of users, development of functioning measurements for the software, application coding, product testing, repetition of coding and testing until the product meets requirements. Software developers document all phases of development for future reference. As the products are released, software developers also make sure the software continues to operate correctly. Developers do this by conducting testing and the necessary maintenance. To make sure the products are meeting user needs, software developers often provide recommendations for upgrades for current systems and programs.

Work with Software Engineers and Other Professionals

Software engineers are responsible for the initial design phase of software, and software developers work closely with these professionals to execute the design of the software. Software developers commonly help with creating flow charts and related models that assist engineers and programmers in writing the computer code for the software. They also work with other computer specialists to develop the best software.

Specialization in Applications or Systems Development

Many software developers specialize in either the development of applications or the development of systems. Those who focus on applications commonly work with other technical experts, like database developers. They work to create specialized computer tools that enable users to complete specific tasks on a computer or related device. Examples of applications include word processors, games, and programs used on the Internet. Some applications software developers create customized software for certain commercial or customer software, and others create intricate databases for organizations. Software developers that work in systems development, help establish system software the enable computers to function correctly. Examples include operating systems and network utilities. Systems software developers commonly work with a variety of devices used frequently in our society, such as motor vehicles and mobile phones.

Working as a software developer can be a very lucrative career and the first step is completing a college degree in software engineering, computer science, or other related area. Majority of individuals start with a bachelor’s degree, but those seeking advanced roles need a master’s degree. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that job growth is expected to rise 32 percent over the next decade. Top paying areas will likely be in high-technology areas, like Boston and San Francisco.