What Does a Graphic Designer Do?

Graphic DesignerCreativity, illustrating, conceptualization, and collaboration can all help to answer the question, “What does a graphic designer do at work?” From designing logos to creating an entire website, graphic design professionals can match a career path with individual skills and knowledge.

Workplace Settings for Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are likely to find a position in a setting best suited to their individual interests and career goals. Some companies have in-house graphic design departments. Many graphic designers find work in consulting, while other graphic designers might choose to open their own firm. There are also increasing opportunities for graphic designers to work from home in the freelance market.

Typically, graphic designers work in an office with computers, and most will work closely with other designers, project managers, writers, clients, and other team members. Additional information on graphic design careers can be found at the American Institute of Graphic Design Organization website.

Print Design

Many graphic designers will conceptualize and create printed materials, including marketing materials such as brochures, advertisements, and flyers. Larger printed works created by a graphic designer might also include magazines, books, newsletters, and newspapers. Designers are also likely to create individual pieces of technical and business reports, such as graphs and charts.

In addition, graphic designers work with clients and other team members to create logos and other branding materials. They use these elements for print publications, as well as marketing materials for internet publication. Software programs in layout and illustration are common tools utilized in these design processes.

Online and Other Design Formats

The carry-over from print materials is only one possibility for graphic designers specializing or working with the online medium. Graphic designers create websites, social media pages, blog templates, and other online forums as well.

Graphic designers can also create graphics and illustrations for video games, films and television shows, and digital applications. Skills in animation and illustration are particularly useful in this area of graphic arts, and knowledge in web design, web development, and code editing are important.

Beyond Design: Other Roles of the Graphic Designer

Actually creating graphics and illustrations are a major part of the graphic designer’s job description. Beyond those tasks; however, there are a number of other responsibilities and tasks undertaken to complete the design process. Graphic designers must be able to multitask, effectively manage deadlines, and communicate with clients and other team members to develop plans and identify project goals.

Continued training is also a part of the graphic designer’s career. While formal education credits may not be required, training in recent technological advances and with the programs that are used in design are helpful.

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Careers in Graphic Design

A graphic design professional might work as an art director, which includes management of other artists. Brand identity designers work directly with marketing materials and advertising. Multimedia developers and web designers create materials mainly for online, and illustrators and print design specialists create mostly print.

Some of what a graphic designer does is defined by the specific position held within a company and what medium is being utilized. Skills and experience are also important for determining the answer to what does a graphic designer do at work.