What Does CRUD Mean in Web Development?

Web DevelopmentIf you are studying for a web development class, you may be interested in learning what CRUD means in web development. The acronym, which stands for Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete, is a very important part of computer programming that is a basic function of any computer database or a program with persistent storage. While this is a very straightforward definition, CRUD a very important acronym that refers to all of the functions that are implemented when a database is involved. Since this is what leads to easy-to-navigate user interface, you should have a basic understanding of these major functions. Read this guide to CRUD functions so that you know why it is such a simple term for programmers.

A Detailed Definition of CRUD in Terms of Computer Programming

CRUD is what tech-savvy programmers call a backronym that describes all of the functions that can be done to data that is being stored within a database or application. As previously stated, these functions include Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete. Without all four of these functions, an application is not complete and will not function properly, according to Techopedia.

CRUD in Action

If you cannot fully grasp the CRUD functions and how they are the user interface of all database programs, understanding how these functions look while they are in action can help. When you have a database and you input an entry into the table, you are accessing the (C)reate command. If you pull up a saved table and read the details, you are (R)etrieving the data. If you go a step further and then change the details within a field of the table, you are using the (U)date command. When a field within the table is no longer needed, you can prompt the program to (D)elete that field. Every program that you use will have CRUD rules and constraints that will state which users can create, change, view or delete data.

How is CRUD Used in the Development of Websites?

Now that you know that CRUD is used to develop databases, you might be wondering how this language applies in the world of web development. While CRUD is important when you are considering the ease of user interface design, when you are relating the term to web development then you will be using the term REST. REST, which stands for Representational State Transfer, is a superset of CRUD that is used for HTTP resources. REST is dedicated more towards complex objects identified by an URL and not by data and records that are found in a database like CRUD.

REST is a high-level style of commands that handles the operations of websites and live systems and CRUD is a more primitive set of operations that REST was derived from. If you understand that the two are related and that CRUD is ultimately why the REST architectural structure for programming frameworks was developed, you will be able to show that you can grasp the topic.

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Web development is extremely complex and will continue to grow more complex as new types of technologies are developed. If you are taking a web development class just to meet credit requirements or you would like to be a developer, you will undoubtedly need to know what CRUD means in web development and other terms you may come across.