What Government Jobs Are Available in Cyber Security?

Cyber SecuritySince our nation’s capital at Washington, DC is home to the highest concentration of cyber security professionals in the United States, it is no surprise that there are numerous government jobs available in cyber security for qualified candidates. As hackers, data beaches, cyber theft rings, and terrorists continue to raise nationwide concern over Internet threats that could potentially compromise national security, our federal government is going on the defense to protect U.S. information systems by employing more cyber experts. In fact, reports indicate that the federal government plans to hire 6,000 new cyber warriors by 2016 to triple its current staff in cyber security, according to Business Week. If you are interested in breaking into this in-demand security field, the following are three of the top government agencies seeking a wide variety of cyber professionals.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Office of Cyber Security and Communications (CS&C) is consistently hiring dynamic cutting-edge professionals in cyber security to help protect the nation’s cyberspace from more sophisticated attacks. Candidates with strong skills in cyber incident response, cyber risk analysis, vulnerability detection, artificial intelligence, networks/systems engineering, and digital forensics are in high demand. At this time, the DHS is seeking to hire Information Technology Specialists, Program Analysts, Security Specialists, and Supervisory Security Program Analysts. Furthermore, the DHS offers the two-year Cyber Fellows program for undergraduate or graduate-level graduates in computer science who are seeking to gain experience in collaborating on cyber-related issues first hand.

National Security Agency

As Edward Snowden’s leak of top-secret documents concerning spying activities by the National Security Agency raises even higher concern, it is no surprise that the government organization is seeking to arm itself with more cyber security specialists to stay a step ahead of adversaries. In an effort to secure the national security systems, the NSA seeks cyber professionals with strong backgrounds in computer science, information technology, computer engineering, international affairs, electrical engineering, intelligence analysis, and mathematics. In particular, the NSA is looking to hire experienced Intelligence Analysts who can research foreign intelligence targets and perform target discovery. Global Vulnerability Analysts are also needed for testing the security of computer systems and develop creative solutions to prevent harm.

Federal Bureau of Investigations

Within its Cyber Division, the Federal Bureau of Investigations is one of the leading government agencies investigating our nation’s computer-related crimes. In order to safeguard our air traffic control, telecommunications, financial, and safety systems, the FBI hires numerous Cyber Special Agents and Cyber Intelligence Analysts for defense. In addition, the FBI has a growing demand for Information Technology Forensic Examiners (ITFEs) to analyze digital evidence for criminal investigations. Computer Scientists can also work for the FBI to act as the vital technical expert on investigations within a fast-faced dynamic environment. Students pursuing cyber security careers are also encouraged to join the FBI’s Cyber Internship Program.

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Due to the fact that candidates must be U.S. citizens to fulfill federal government jobs, many agencies are facing a serious shortage of cyber professionals since nearly 70% of graduates with a master’s degree in computer science are international students. Therefore, if you have the technical skills sought after for working with computer systems, it is highly recommended that you consider these government jobs available in cyber security for a rewarding future in protecting our nation’s most secret information.