What is a Bachelor of Science in Software & Mobile Applications Development?

One up and coming area in computer studies is Software & Mobile Applications Development. Many universities are beginning to offer programs with this focus in order to keep up with the need for more specialized app designers. Here is what you should know about this hot field. 

What is a Bachelor of Science in Software & Mobile Applications Development?

This bachelor’s degree teaches its students how to design and program new software for computers and mobile applications. With almost everything being computerized in the modern world, many more workers are needed to create software that can handle daily tasks. Students of this program learn how to program software for a variety of platforms and operating systems.

The course of study starts off with teaching its students the basics of computer program. Students will learn how to manage and create algorithms and manipulate computer functions. The next phase of the program involves specific knowledge on the capabilities and limits of various platforms. As students learn what they are able to create on each platform, they become well equipped to design and develop programs and software for each platform.

Career Opportunities for Graduates

Graduates can work for software development companies as one of the developers. They can also work for a mobile applications development company, helping them to design and test their applications. These jobs require a lot of teamwork and an ability to work with a shared creative vision. Another area of potential employment is in web development; many companies hire contract workers to design and update their websites. Each of these careers has a higher pay than average for computer science jobs and a good rate of demand in the most recent years.

Another option is to do freelance work in mobile development. Many individuals and companies would like to develop mobile applications based on their ideas, but they need individuals with the computer skills to help them produce a final product. Working in this role has its pros and cons. You will often be the sole developer on the project, so you have a lot more creative license and responsibility. However, you may be working with someone who doesn’t understand the limitations of the device, and their vision for the applications might be unrealistic. A final option for creative types is to conceive, program, and market your own mobile applications.

Finding a Program

This specialization is fairly new, so not all schools offer this program yet., However, many schools are adding the specialization to their computer science departments. Check with your local universities to see if they offer a program in Software & Mobile Applications Development. Here is an example of one program that offers this line of study, with information about expected starting salaries.

In summary, this specialization provides many opportunities for its graduates. The need for many more specialists in this area presents major opportunities for growth and self employment. While the job has a good career outlook, it may not be as stable as some individuals would like; working in the field means taking on many diverse, short projects. But for those who enjoy working in a flexible and changing environment, a Software & Mobile Applications Development program is a dynamic field with a lot of potential.

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