What is a Cyber Security Responder?

Cyber Security ResponderIf you are interested in working in computer forensics, you may be asking yourself the question “What is a Cyber Security Responder?” Like all professionals who work in the field of computer science, cyber security responders play an important role as professionals who work in both the public and private sectors. With the right amount of formal training and experience, you may be able to qualify for the top-level responder positions in cyber security. Here are the roles and responsibilities of responders so that you can decide if this is the occupation for you.

What Are the Main Responsibilities of Cyber Security Responders?

Cyber security responders, who are also referred to as incident responders working in computer forensics, are responsible for investigating computer-related crimes for a corporate organization or for a public agency. Once the responder discovers a problem with electronic media, they will find ways to mitigate the damage while they are investigating the severity of the data breach. Throughout the investigation process the responder will use several different types of forensic tools to investigate hacking cases, write reports and also to testify as a witness in court. Professionals will typically work closely with other departments to develop a plan to remedy the situation.

Some of the Job Duties of a Responder

Now that you know the primary purpose of an incident responder, it is important to learn about the daily duties of someone who holds this title. Duties can vary from day to day depending on alerts and breeches, and you must realize that some days will be more stressful than others. As part of the Cyber Security Incident Response Team, you will respond to incidents by collecting, analyzing and preserving digital intelligence. You may also assemble your team of responders for larger incidents where there is a need for more investigators. As more information is gathered, you will need to record and track data and information to meet audit requirements. You may also be responsible for providing business partners and executives with issues that make computer networks vulnerable.

Why Is There is Such a Large Need for Cyber Security Responders?

As you can see, a responder plays an important role in organizations who rely heavily on computer networks. With so much company data and customer information stored in computers, the risk of cyber attacks has become greater than ever. Security jobs, especially in cyber security, are high in demand because advanced hackers can easily devastate a company or an entire government agency when there is no cyber protection. As responders monitor systems and investigate incidents, more impenetrable systems can be developed and deployed so that confidential and critical information is protected.

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According to an article posted in the Los Angeles Times, the average salary reported in cybersecurity is $116,000. If you would like to work in this field, which is centered in Washington D.C., now is the time to start earning your degree. A majority of people who choose to pursue a career in cyber security are drawn to this career in college, but if you know the path you would like to take early you can enroll in all of the right courses early on. With answers to the question “What is a Cyber Security Responder?”, you can work towards being a top candidate by completing your formal education program.