What is a Database Administrator?

Database Administrator What is a database administrator? This is a common question asked by individuals who are interested in entering the growing world of computer science. There are dozens and dozens of different titles that you can pursue if you want to work towards a computer career, and the roles of each of titles are unique. Database administrators are organized and tech savvy individuals who have great attention to detail. They build and maintain database needs that meet the needs of a specific client.

What Does a Database Administrator Do?

The actual responsibilities of a database administrator can vary depending on the industry that you work in. While duties do vary, the typical responsibilities of a database administrator are similar in nature. In a single day, you may monitor user database access, monitor performance of applications, map out a new conceptual design, refine the design of an existing database, install new versions of a database, maintain the database, test back-up plans and write recovery plans.

As you can see, your work activities when you are employed as a database administrator can vary. What you are assigned will depend on the current projects of your firm or the requirements of your employer. In a general sense, everything that a database administrator does involves the planning, development and troubleshooting of a database to ensure it runs efficiently and that data is safe and secure.

What Is the Work Environment Like in Database Administration?

If you work as a database administrator, you can be employed in a permanent position with an employer as an internal employee, or you can work with a software firm who takes on a long list of clients with their own specific data needs. Work environment depends on the needs of the company or the firm. You may work a standard 9 to 5 shift, or a graveyard shift where you will provide global support all night. According to TechMedia Network, it is also very common for a database administrator to work on-call when they are solely responsible for a database that can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You should be open to working nights, weekends and holidays if you work in this field.

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How to Become a Database Administrator?

If you are still interested in becoming a database administrator, you will need a formal degree to compete with others in the field who have formal training and experience. The most common path to take to land a job in administration is earning a Bachelor’s in Computer Science degree. In addition to a degree, you may also need to get certified in specific programs like Oracle, DB2 and MySQL. This will give you more bargaining power as a candidate.

Database administration is rated number five on the top 100 jobs in America. If you are looking for a career where the pay is high and job growth is on the rise, this is a great computer career. According to CNN, the Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting growth of 30.6% and the top pay reported to be $122,000, database administrators earn a good living and enjoy job stability.