What is AngularJS in Programming?

angular jsAs more people become interested in building websites and trying their hands at developing, a lot of them want to know what AngularJS in programming is. This programming framework is a library of code written in HTML and JavaScript that allows you to easily write one-page JavaScript apps that can be reused or adapted for future projects. It includes an approach to data binding that allows Web apps to run more efficiently through the use of a scope object that dynamically updates the user interface without relying on the server back end.

How Does AngularJS Work?

AngularJS, also called Angular, is maintained by Google, along with Brat Tech and a large community of independent developers. It’s been around since 2009, when it was created as an online data storage service using the JSON framework for uploading data and updating the user interface. The creators, Adam Abrons and Misko Hevery, decided to make Angular an open-source library of code instead, and today it’s one of the most popular model-view-controller frameworks based on JavaScript. Other popular JS frameworks include Node.js, Ember.js and React.js, and each of these frameworks includes its own way of binding data so that it can be displayed dynamically without executing code on the server.

For example, frameworks such as Django and Rails rely on Python or Ruby code, respectively, to run on a website’s server. Like dynamic JavaScript frameworks, they use HTML and JS in the template definition, but unlike the lighter, nimbler JS frameworks, they execute statically bound code on the server for tasks such as form validation and URL routing. According to Angular JS, JS apps are not as complex as Django or Ruby apps, and the developers say that Angular is best suited to a certain type of program called a CRUD application, which stands for Create, Read, Update, Delete. Most apps on the Internet are CRUD apps, because they collect user data, update a database and then delete the leftover data that was used to execute the interface.

When to Use Angular

Not all apps conform to this model, however, and most types of games and WYSIWYG editors can’t be easily built with Angular. The idea behind Angular is a higher level of programming abstraction, which allows developers to quickly create the type of app most websites use by hiding many of the lower-level implementation details of data binding in HTML. Angular uses a system of custom HTML tags to essentially transform this normally static language into a dynamic application programming language using JavaScript.

Angular developers don’t need to know anything about the underlying HTML tags, and they can simply work with the JavaScript directives provided by the Angular library. These directives allow developers to define custom behavior in an HTML template that would normally just display static text and graphic elements. JavaScript allows HTML elements to be changed dynamically on a client computer so that the user interface can change without waiting for the server to execute code. Angular streamlines this process by taking care of the implementation details that have to be repeated for every app.

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Web programming is a booming field, and JavaScript is the most common programming language on the Internet. JavaScript frameworks allow developers to build common types of apps more quickly and easily, and Angular JS in programming is one of the most popular of these frameworks.