What Software Jobs are Available in Mobile Applications?

Mobile ApplicationsThe types of software jobs available in mobile applications depend on the degree you have and the platform for which you want to develop apps. Mobile platforms are becoming as diverse as conventional desktop computers, if not more so, and at the minimum, you need a two-year degree in Web development to get hired by a mobile software company. This path will allow you to build simple apps for businesses who want to take advantage of mobile marketing and reach a broader customer base. Developing these types of apps requires basic computer science skills such as discrete math, linear algebra and sequential programming.

Challenges in Mobile Application Development

You don’t have to be a mathematician or expert computer scientist to build a simple iPhone or Android app, but you need to be able to choose the right data structures and algorithms from the beginning of an app’s development so that you don’t have to redo work that you’ve already done. Your clients may never know if your app doesn’t run as efficiently as it should, but as a mobile app developer, it’s your job to shave off as much processing time complexity from your programs as possible. When you’re working in a professional environment, you will be working with more experienced programmers who can guide you to make these decisions, and anyone considering a career in software design should really be looking for staff positions with companies that hire programmers to develop in-house software.

The alternative is to work as a freelance app developer, and while this path can eventually be lucrative, it requires education, experience and connections to rise above the competition. There are many freelance app developers living in other countries where the cost of living is lower than in the United States, and they are able to bid lower prices on freelance jobs than Americans, lowering the wages for these jobs below minimum wage in most cases. The only ways for freelance mobile software programmers to make the median annual wage of $62,500 are to go into the Web development business, offering programming, design and marketing services, or to pitch software design ideas to companies that need high-quality app development, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Types of Work Available

Starting a business requires a substantial marketing investment, and there are many companies already competing for keyword search results and clientèle. Pitching design ideas directly to prospective clients requires a portfolio, industry knowledge and enough time to approach businesses about hiring you. It’s not a good way to get started in this field, but once you’ve worked for a few companies for several years and have a catalog of work to show clients, you can transition from employee to freelancer.

As an employee, you can work in a few different areas, including healthcare, game development and business app development. With a four-year computer science degree, you can earn a higher salary and move higher up the design team. Companies developing big-budget software usually require you to have a bachelor’s degree, and the most popular app makers usually hire developers from well-known computer science schools like Berkeley and Standford.

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Software development is one of the fastest-growing industries in the economy, and computer science skills are useful in almost any career. If you’re interested in designing and testing software, keep researching about the software jobs available in mobile applications.