What Types of Companies Would Hire Me With a Programming Degree?

Because the capabilities of technology have increased drastically over the past decade, skilled programmers are in demand more than ever. Now, more than ever, those with a computer science degree can be hired to do work for a huge variety of different companies. Because of this, programmers now have a huge amount of flexibility in their programming careers. Even the most seemingly mundane companies and markets are in need of programmers in order to create software that fits the purposes of their business. From streamlining architectural calculations to creating games, there are a variety of careers to fit anyone’s computer programming passions.

Finance Industries

Because the world of finance and banking is constantly changing, these industries need programmers more than ever in order to create software that can help predict the market. Additionally, software is necessary in order to accomplish a variety of tasks including client management and online software development for users. Database management software is also a huge part of the financial industry, as a massive data needs to be able to be pulled in a neat and effective manner that fits the situation and time.

Because most programmers wouldn’t expect the finance industry to be a big opportunity for programmers, the pay and ease of employment for an entry level programmer is much higher than many other areas. Because of these factors, the finance industry can be a great choice for a new programmer.

The Gaming Industry

Another huge opportunity for programmers is the gaming industry. For those who have experience in languages such as C++ or Java, gaming may be one of the best programming careers. The biggest benefits of working in the gaming industry is that it is generally a fast-paced, fun environment and one can actually see, and play, the results of their work. The gaming has been growing more and more rapidly over the past decade; because of this, the availability in these jobs has drastically increased.

There are a variety of different jobs within the gaming industry that can fit with each individual’s talents and abilities. Some of these jobs include: artificial intelligence programmer, game engine programmer, scripter, user interface programmer and much more. The highest paying of these jobs is typically the artificial intelligence programmer and the game engine programmer.

Because of the high demand of jobs and the flexibility inherent, the gaming industry is a very good programming career for those with a computer science degree.

Software Development Companies

Like the gaming industry, the software development industry thrives on hiring skilled programmers in order to satisfy their customers. There are a huge variety of options, as the range of software available is very diverse. For those with an IT security background, an antivirus company many be a good choice and for those who are passionate about the environment, a green software agency may be ideal.

Like the gaming industry, the software development industry can allow one to work on what one is passionate about and because of this it can be a great career choice for anyone.

Because there are so many different markets that need computer programmers, the range of career paths one can take is extremely diverse. In order to get the most satisfying of all programming careers for oneself, it is essential to do research in order to find a great company and market that fits one’s passions.