If I Want to Work at Microsoft, What Degree Should I Pursue?

Microsoft, the brain child of Bill Gates and Paul Allen, is a dynamic and cutting edge company that has a reputation for not only creating great products, but also for the many benefits associated with working for the company. Many people have wondered what kind of background is needed to be hired on at Microsoft. In order to help you start out on the right path we have gathered pertinent information to get you on your way.

Common Degrees for Microsoft Employees

Like any worldwide company, Microsoft’s employees have diverse backgrounds both professionally and educationally. From human resources to accounting, public relations to computer programming, there are several kinds of professionals employed at Microsoft. Any one of those degrees will give you a shot at working within those departments at Microsoft, when they have openings. However, being software company, Microsoft relies heavily on its computer people. Microsoft hires more computer people than PR or any other field, so a computer science background, specifically a bachelors degree in computer science, is helpful to the applicant. Other common backgrounds are math, business and computer engineering. Microsoft is actively working in various communities to encourage students to study the computer sciences, according to the¬†New York Times.

Beyond the Resume: Tips for Scoring an Interview and Getting Hired

Forbes Magazine noted that Online Portfolios are great for getting you noticed. Forbes mentions that Online Portfolios give more context for your listed accomplishments than your resume can provide. Also important is your activity online on job boards other social networks, including Twitter. Make yourself known online, but be smart about it. Be professional, courteous and memorable both in person and online.

Non-Traditional Education: Getting a Leg Up

Microsoft is cutting edge, and as such also has cutting edge hiring practices. Microsoft hired temporary interns and current students every year on a temporary basis. Many of these students believe that one of their keys to early success was participating in these internship programs. Microsoft currently offers programs for high schoolers interested in computers science that involves three very intense days learning about programming apps and games. Microsoft also hosts intensive programs for college level students, and many view this as a great resume builder as well as a good time to get to know about the culture at Microsoft.

Another great resource for potential hires are the Microsoft recruiters. Microsoft typically places recruiters on college campuses to identify and pursue the top talent in their field. Getting to know the recruiters will help you determine what they are looking for in a candidate, and hopefully help you with your goal of getting hired.


Getting hired at Microsoft is extremely competitive and a somewhat difficult to prepare for. However, the employee benefits and career opportunities offered by Microsoft make the stress and preparation required to get a job well worth it. A degree in computer sciences in a definite leg up over the competition, as are internships held with Microsoft during your school years. Keep your goals in mind, interact often with Microsoft online and continue to develop your business skills, and you will be well on your way to becoming a Microsoft employee.