What Are The Best Tech Careers To Get Into In 2014?

Technology has changed the way the entire world communicates and operates. Now more than ever, it’s important to be able to work on a computer and be familiar with how to operate many basic functions. However, those that are more proficient with technology will find themselves even more employment options when it comes to be hiring for a new job. Here are some of the top technology jobs to get into 2014.

Cloud Architect

Cloud services have quickly become one of the most integral parts of technology. As more and more options are available for individuals and companies, there is a growing need for even larger space to store information. Despite this need for more space, most technology is getting smaller and making it easier to carry with you on the go. This is why cloud services, which are companies that store information that you can access from anywhere with your device, are continuing to grow. Instead of having to lug around a large piece of machinery with you, cloud services allow you to store all of the information you need in one convenient place. Because of how quickly cloud services have become important in the workplace, they are typically considered to be one of the highest paying jobs in the entire tech industry.

IT Consultant

As valuable as computers are, it’s just the truth that some people are still not very tech savvy. Whether it’s an older generation of individuals who never adjusted to computers, or a younger generation who simply don’t see the need, there is a demand for IT consultants to help people with their computer issues. Some IT consultants work for large companies and can help people within the company when they need it. However, there is also a large market for individual IT consultants who will help people who have problems or questions with their personal devices as well.

App Development

More and more technology is converting to mobile platforms. The simple ease and convenience of having information on your smartphone or tablet is an incredibly desirable option for many individuals. Therefore, the value of mobile app development continues to increase to fill peoples demands. Mobile apps are not just about addicting games or GPS programs, but rather large companies are making apps to get their information out to people in an easier way. As more companies are using mobile apps, the job market will continue to expand.

Computer and Information Research Scientist

More than just a complex name, a computer and information research scientist has to not only be proficient with computers, but also with other industries as well. These type of people typically work with complex issues and find ways to make technology easier to use in a give industry. Because a doctorate is typically required for these types of positions, it makes them some of the highest paid in the entire industry. Being a computer and information research scientist may not be a typical entry level position, but its certainly something to work for if you are tech savvy enough to do so.

Employment in technology is changing the way the world runs. Tech jobs may not be the best for everyone, extroverts who need continual interaction for example, but they are certainly great for those who are familiar with computers and how to make things run. And with the presence of those who are unfamiliar with computers, the demand for help is continuing to rise. Consider the jobs on this list for some of the best tech jobs of 2014.