Google Could be Searching For You: Get the Degree That Could Get You Hired

Google has been actively revolutionizing the global work environment for nearly a decade. Ever since the early 2000s, they have been striving to ensure that their employees are both comfortable and happy. They have always subscribed to the age-old belief that one is able to attract more flies with honey rather than vinegar. When they first began this practice, many professionals believed that it would be their downfall and explained that it would promote laziness amongst their employees and that productivity would literally be crushed. Today Google has the ability to laugh at these early criticisms, because it remains one of the largest and most successful companies in the world. A company that focuses so much of its willpower on its employees is bound to attract a large number of job applicants. That is why getting a job at Google is highly competitive. However, as the company continues to innovate and expand, new positions are becoming available. If one wants to get a job at Google, then the best degree to major in during college is software engineering. 

Why Software Engineering?

Google has always been a company that specializes in Internet related services and products. A software engineer is someone that is directly involved with the design and development of all computer related matters. It is safe to say that Google will not deviate from the path of Internet related services and products that they have been travelling for the past decade. That is why a degree in software development is a good investment if one wants to work at Google. The career of software development itself is one of the fastest growing professions in the world, and the demand for creative, competitive and energetic software engineers amongst large companies such as Google are at an all time high.

Bachelors Degree or Masters Degree?

Edmond Lau, a former employee at Google, explains that if one is looking to advance their career within the company, that it is a smarter investment to obtain a bachelor’s degree rather than pursuing a graduate degree. His reasoning behind this is that the time one spends to obtain their higher degree is better spent working at Google for a promotion. He further explains this idea by pointing out a software engineer who spends 5-6 years obtaining their PhD in their field generally only starts one level of employment higher than someone who has only obtained their bachelor’s degree. Focusing directly on the skills that Google demands is a much better investment of one’s time and money.

Stressing over Grades and Transcripts?

People often sell themselves short when it comes to how much their transcripts and grades qualify them to work in large companies such as Google. It is a common belief that without a high GPA from an Ivy League college, they will not be competitive when it comes to a company’s hiring process. Google itself promotes on their hiring information website that they are not overly concerned about grades and transcripts, but that they are more interested in how their employees think and tackle everyday problems. Google is not so much looking for the guru of computer engineering. They are searching for the everyday innovators who can solve problems and have a general knowledge about software engineering.


Google is the company to work for. Their innovations in within the work place have revolutionized the global work force. Common sense and an undergraduate degree in software engineering are amongst the top qualities that they are looking for in their new hires.