Career Profile: Programming Manager

What is a Programming Manager

What is a programming manager? Programming managers are very important to the success of businesses. They are responsible for running many different aspects of the business, including business analysis, project management, and overseeing the software development team. The project manager is also responsible for the planning and overseeing of all crucial and complicated programs. They work with a team of other employees and make sure that everyone stays on task. They are leaders as well as team players. Programming managers can work in many different companies. Some of these companies include video game development companies and web-based companies. They also work in big corporations, marketing companies, health care, and education. Some other names that programming managers go by are applications programming managers and applications development managers.

Educational Requirements

Due to the major responsibilities of programming managers, individuals seeking this job will need to have acquired a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Sometimes, a business degree will be enough for a person to land a job as a programming manager. Some companies, however, prefer for the applicants to have expertise in specific subject areas. In addition to a bachelor’s degree, individuals need to have proper skills in both written and oral communication. Since programming managers are expected to lead teams on many important projects, they must be great leader as well as great team members. Programming managers should be able to work well with others and not just give out orders. Programming managers must also be able to work well under pressure, be neat and organized, be able to take on multiple tasks at the same time, and must pay close attention to detail.


The salary for programming managers will likely vary from region to region and depending on the individual’s level of education and experience. The average salary for a programming manager is $61,000. Programming managers in different fields will be paid accordingly. Health care programming managers make between $69,000 and $120,000 each year. Education programming managers make approximately $52,000. Software programming
managers generally make $72,000 each year. These are national averages.

Job Outlook

The job outlook for programming managers is really good. Since programming managers play a huge role in the success of businesses, there will always be a need for them. They plan projects and oversee the details of these projects as well as the progress of the team members. For this reason, the future need of programming managers is expected to grow at a faster pace than normal. These individuals are the heart and soul of the company. Without their expertise, the business would likely be disorganized and out of control. What is a programming manager; a programming manager is the glue that holds the business together.